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Crossroads Pet Professionals - January 14, 2008
0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. Dr. Grace left Crossroads, she's not an owner. Thay just use her name and expertise to rip people off, I'm not surprised she left.Crossroads is the biggest rip off ever, they charge between 8 and 20X what other facilities charge for vet care. The owners are not vets and only care about separating customers from their money - STAY AWAY.
Three days and $3,000 dollars later, dog still sick. I checked around, I was charged between 8 and 20x what other clinics would charge for the same services. Intensive care 24hrs a day at UT animal hospital was cheaper by half than Crossroads outpatient services. Crossroads acts like their vet techs are profit centers, not care givers. Crossroads can't keep a vet because the owners are too busy making money and really don't care about their customers or their pets. If you want to be patronized and bled dry, bring your pet here. The vet does not own the place. The owners dabble in Florida beach front real estate
and are basically moneygrubbers - they are NOT professionals.
Yuppies beware, if the staff senses you have deep pockets you are their new best friend. Somebody has to pay for those empty timeshares in Destin, Fl I guess. What a bunch of fakes.

I do not recommend this place.
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