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Pizze Real - November 30, 2007
0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. Terrible! Best Kept Secret that Should Stay that WAY!

Ok everyone loves pizza, so we went to this cute little East Nashville pizza place we always pass on the way to Bongo Java. We went inside & its a cute place, looks more like a coffee shop, and personally they should consider switching concepts to just that. The lighting was dim, which was cool. The local art on the walls was cool, and the place smelled the part of a pizza place. Well we ordered from the slim pickings menu, they literally have 5-6 items. Two special pizzas, two starters, and "pork kebobs?" Oh and a create your own pizza, thing! We ordered a "large" 14 inch pizza, really more the size of a medium, it was 11 bucks and 1.50 a topping. Well we also ordered a starter that was tomatoes, olive & onions in Italian dressing and a tiny little itty bity loaf of bread and some yogurt cheese dip, we ordered this after we asked for bread and were told they only sold it this way. It was good, but a bit small and foofy for a pizza joint. Well we got our first pizza BURNT (others around us got burnt pizza too) and it was completely tastless. We asked for them to remake it and it came out cooked correctly, still tasteless, with sad looking toppings. Well, I have had better pizza at a hospital cafeteria or at a ChuckeCheese. All it would take is better crust, if the owners are reading this, add any of the following to your crust: salt, garlic, rosemary, cheese or basil. This was the worst crust I have ever ate, so bland. Whats funny is when we finished our salad bread starter, the waitress (who was the only person, working a full house) told us to keep it, that people like to dip the pizza in the left over dressing, and we did, it was the only way it could be eaten with any enjoyment. Also what kinda of pizza place charges for refills, I guess they have too since they bring you a 20 oz bottle of soda with a glass of ice. If you want great tasty large pizza, go elsewhere, heck even the Mellow Mushroom BEATS them hands down, and refills are FREE! We won't be back! Nor will any of our friends!

Pros: Ambience - I say turn the place into a coffee shop
Cons: The Food - wow so bad!
Overall user rating: Not Recommended

I do not recommend this place.
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