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West End Smiles - June 26, 2008
0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. I have had a very horrible and unfair business experience by visiting the following dental office:

West End Smiles
109 29th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 327-4904

And therefore would like to share my story with as many individuals as possible so that they are aware of their business practices.

After initially deciding to get dental work, having dental insurance, I communicated with West End Smiles Billing Manager, Mrs. Wendy about the charges that I would incur in order to get this required dental work done. After several verification, and conversations between us I was sent an estimate that I would need to pay based on my required services and my insurance participation. After receiving the estimate, which was completely incorrect as it turns out, I had decided to get the dental work done.

After half of the work was performed, due to the substantial pain which I experienced during the procedure I decided to cancel my second appointment to get the other work done, on time and without penalty. At the time of my visit, I had paid my balance in full which total approximately 4550 based on the estimate that their Billing Manager was giving me. On several occasions prior to having the services performed I checked with the Billing Manager at West End Smiles if the estimate would reflect the correct charges. She assured me that the potential difference could be approximately $10-20 more or less what the estimate was.

Several weeks after the services have been performed I have received another Bill stating that I owe approximately $350 more for the services which I had performed. After receiving the Bill, I immediately called and talked to the Billing Manager, who said she had stated my estimate incorrectly and that I had to pay the new charges in addition to what I had paid already. After trying to state my case to her, that I would not have had the services performed if I had known the prices that they were charging would be this high after my insurance participation, I was hanged up the phone on. Immediately after our conversation, she had forwarded my billing paperwork to a collection agency, which charged me another $150.00, bringing the owed balance to a total of $498.50.

Now my biggest problem is that their business acumen is simply wrong. It is very wrong to lure customers in with one price in the business and then after they have had the services performed charge them additional amounts. This can be considered simple negligence on their behalf.

I will pay the balance to the Collection agency immediately and in full, but want to do my duty in order to spread the word of how this business conducts their affairs, so that future customers cannot get hurt.

I want to ensure that all future individuals are aware of their business practices and are protected from such fraudulent activities. Especially in such hard economic times, consumers need to be protected and have the right to expect to pay for services what was agreed on!

I do not recommend this place.
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