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Date Added: November 17, 2006
Address: 316 Williamson Sq
Phone: (615) 599-5555

Reservations Required: N/a
Delivery: No (or n/a)
Dress Code: N/a


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Overall: December 5, 2006
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Say hello to the last Mexican restaurant you will frequent. Located right next to Hobby Lobby in Franklin, you will never go to another Mexican restaurant after one bite of Garcias' cuisine.

This family-run Mexican restaurant always has specials, usually seafood, so make sure you check the dry-erase board when you enter. Garcias has the best white cheese dip & cilantro-filled salsa around. Make sure to try the always great Taco Loco with chicken, salmon, tilapia & for sure the blackened trout with cilantro sauce will forever be a winner.

The mango margaritas are especially tasty, though at $20 a pitcher, they're a rare treat.

But make sure to save room for dessert, their banana pudding is to die for. This is not your every day Southern banana pudding, this is a whipped banana pudding inside a shell which is on top of hot caramel. And if you're lucky, the chef will have prepared a Mexican flag alongside your banana pudding with vanilla, green apple & raspberry.

Garcias is a Sunday afternoon favorite, so stop by today & check out the last Mexican restaurant you will love!

I recommend this place.