Howe Gardens Apartments

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Date Added: November 17, 2006
Address: 1921 Greenwood Ave
Phone: (615) 228-6788


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BigJakeTN Overall: April 28, 2007
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Why this complex in Nashville is still funded by Hud is a question many are beginning to ask.It's ruined a whole neighborhood where it's located. The place is falling down. It hasn't had a wiring inspection in over 25 years. The internal wood is eaten up by termites. The concrete entrances are coming apart. There borders an ally in back where druggies and worse come on to the property often, robbing tenants, stealing cars. There is one man that the land lord knowing his medical condition put a young single woman above him to create enough havoc with her many guest who have moved in, and are not on the lease to try and make him move. He is a heart patient, and even his Doctor has called for HUD to help stop this. Hud has done nothing to correct the situation, yet continues to turn their heads. She told one man in a wheelchair who's brother paid and had wheel chair ramp built for him that he has to take it down. I've seen the ramp and it's fine and safe. She has a boyfriend who works there who has tried to intimidate the first guy many times. Suzi Lee who manages Howe Garden Apartmentt isn't fit to manage a bar b q in hell.

I do not recommend this place.

Frank Overall: April 28, 2007
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I do not recommend this place.